Most of our clients approach us when they’re looking to find a new accounting system, only to discover they don’t really need one. What they need is a way to organize their operations and track their company & jobs in real-time, then feed that information into their current accounting system.

In order to get accurate information, you need to collect it from Step 1, your crews and supervisors in the field.

  • Are most accounting systems built for both your office staff and your crews in the field, mobile ready?
  • Do you want your employees logging into your accounting system? Absolutely not.

We are focused around giving the operations side of the company all the information they need, at their fingertips, in the field, in real-time. What you really need is everyone on the same page. Turn your field crews into your “field accountants” by giving them the tools to feed you the critical information about the job that you need. The problem with accounting systems are they are designed for the back office, not mobile friendly, and not built for the people in the field actually running the jobs. Most of the time you cannot actually give your employees access to input data into these systems, which then requires extra administrative staff.

Traqspera is the “during” phase of your jobs, whereas the accounting system is the “after”, and the estimating/bids is the “before” stage.

We collect and feed accurate information to it, so that payroll and billing can be done much faster and more accurately, all while giving you the real-time job cost and billable dollars, so you know exactly where you sit at the end of each day. This is much sooner than waiting for hours to get into the accounting system, then getting a report 1-2 weeks from now on where the job sits.

The accounting system is the important after step, and we don’t want to replace any invoices, paycheques, etc that they already do very well. We just fill in the gap in the middle, and allow everyone to collaborate more effectively.

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