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If software was just simple? Let us show you...

Built by Contractors, for Contractors

Traqspera was built from the ground up directly within a group of contracting companies. The largest problem with any software or system is that it’s built by a bunch of nerdy tech guys, but it’s way too complicated for the average person, and it doesn’t actually solve every problem when it’s deployed at the job site because they didn’t understand how the job site actually works.

We didn’t have a name at the time. We were just a small team of programmers, but layer by layer, we worked alongside the actual guys in the field, in work boots, to build an all-in-one tool to help them stamp out the problems that they were dealing with.



We Listened, We Learned, We Evolved…

Each step along the way we field tested every module, every screen, every action, to ensure it was simple, easy, and actually solved the problem. That’s what makes us different. You field staff will actually like using Traqspera, because it just works. Period.



Taking Control of the Worksite

Once we had it right, had it field tested, we took it to market, and Traqspera is now a complete worksite management tool that’s trusted by some of the biggest names in the mechanical, electrical, power line, civil/excavation, and other specialty industries across North America.

We have rave reviews from owners who have seen the many benefits Traqspera has brought to their company. Having instant access to real-time data has stopped them from running their business “the 80’s way,” empowering them with laser focus to take control of their business. Traqspera has given them a solid platform to make better decisions so they can run a safer, more profitable business.




 You Know How It Goes…

  • Juggling countless projects and deadlines, across many cities, region
  • Discovering problems after it’s too late to fix them
  • Trying to stay on top of employees’ training certifications, when they expire, and who needs what to do that job
  • Chasing staff to fill out their timesheets correctly, or to fill them out at all
  • Always working in a panicked state as you run around trying to put out multiple fires at once
  • Finding out a your job was a giant flop weeks after it’s over

We Found the Root Causes of Everyones Headaches…




All of the problems we set out to fix were the result of paperwork, lack of communication, and staff not having access to the tools or data they need to do their job. Scruffy, chicken scratch timesheets being passed on to payroll, employees’ certifications buried at the back of a dusty filing cabinet, and some poor so-and-so relying on a fax machine to share information!


Sometimes companies were turning to spreadsheets to help but they were just as messy and prone to errors since there’s no control, no validation, and anyone can manipulate them. Not to mention the four different versions everyone has, while frantically searched through emails for the “current” one. This outdated way of doing things always left teams working with out-of-date information as paperwork takes weeks to process. All of this costs companies more time, money, good staff and long-standing relationships with clients. We knew there had to be a better way…

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