Are you buried in spreadsheets and paperwork?

Do you constantly have piles of paper on your desk and in your truck? Are you spending half your day with your nose in spreadsheets and sorting through sheet after sheet of paper? Do you even have the latest copy … Continue Reading

Where does your budget and job cost sit this second?

It truly scares is how often we’ve heard some contractors say “it takes forever to process payroll & billing, so we usually won’t know where we sit until 2-3 weeks into the future, or for sure by the end of … Continue Reading

Tired of Deciphering Messy Timecards?

Does this look like your employees time cards? It partially resembles chicken scratch, there’s missing fields, and we’re not even sure what half the numbers are. How long does it take you to collect and organize all your employees time … Continue Reading

Traqspera Featured In Heavy Equipment Guide Magazine

As technology expands its reach within many industries, methods of improving efficiency are growing. Heavy construction operations are starting to realize the benefits of bringing technology and automation into the mix, especially when it comes to organizing and monitoring assets … Continue Reading