It truly scares is how often we’ve heard some contractors say “it takes forever to process payroll & billing, so we usually won’t know where we sit until 2-3 weeks into the future, or for sure by the end of the project”.

When you’re running crews 8-10-12 hours a day on a large, or even small project, hours add up fast. This means thousands or tens of thousands of dollars you’re burning through each day. Lots of times you don’t have that margin for error.

The only way you can truly keep your finger on the pulse, and make proactive rather than reactive decisions in order to keep your project on track, is by having up to date information, not two or three-week old information.

If you read our post on how simple collecting time from crews in the field can be, you know that collecting time digitally versus paper and spreadsheets is not only a lot more accurate, but also a lot faster. Having this labour, equipment, and material data daily, you can pull up your dashboard, or any report, and see exactly where your job cost and budget sit. All of this right from your mobile device, wherever you are. Imagine how many less headaches and stress you would have.

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