4 Common Project Management Challenges Faced by Modern Construction Companies

With the shrinking workforce available to the construction industry, daily reports, safety meetings, project timelines, budgets, and people to manage doubled, tripled, etc. by the number of projects you are running at any one time—multiplied by the endless challenges faced by a modern construction company can quickly become a limiting factor to a businesses success.

5 Ways To Get Employees Excited For New Technology

Although it can be a challenge to get employees on board with new technology, you can take some basic steps to get them in the right frame of mind. It will take some time for new technology to become second nature to your workers. This is why you should regularly ask for feedback and look for ways to make positive changes.

Construction Safety Around Heavy Machinery On The Worksite

Countless tasks can cause injuries on a construction site, such as falls from scaffolding/high places, hazards in excavation jobs, and electrical mishaps. Keeping everyone on the worksite aware of the most up-to-date safety measures is necessary to any construction site’s success.

Thirty-five percent of injuries on the job are caused by machine accidents every year, as well as fourteen percent of deaths on site. As one of the leading causes of injuries to equipment operators, implementing simple and easy ways to reduce the risk will ensure worksite safety remains top of everyone’s mind.

CDP Inc. & Traqspera Announce Their Strategic Partnership.

VANCOUVER, B.C., — February 22, 2020 — CDP Inc. (Consultants in Data Processing) and Traqspera Technologies Inc. Announce Their Strategic Partnership That Will See CDP Add Traqspera’s Timesheet and Construction Management Software Platform to Their Portfolio of Offerings.

Why You Need A Better Project Management Tool

For years, a project manager’s typical day on a construction site included stacks of paper forms and a pocket of half-dead pens, large blueprints stained with coffee, and dust encrusted calculators.

Lean Construction With Traqspera

While ‘Lean Construction’ is not a new concept, many construction professionals don’t know precisely what it is or how to apply it effectively.

They Saved $40,000 their first year using Traqspera

When it comes to employee timesheets and asset/resource tracking, Traqspera seamlessly integrates into any worksite. Traqspera offers a simple, user-friendly solution that allows companies to manage everything they need in one place.