5 Reasons To Invest In A Digital Project Management Tool

While it can seem daunting to consider undertaking adding a digital project management tool to your construction company’s arsenal, implementing industry-specific software will help monitor resources, manage schedules, maintain project timelines, and more. Companies that do not have a dedicated … Continue Reading

Why You Need A Better Project Management Tool

For years, a project manager’s typical day on a construction site included stacks of paper forms and a pocket of half-dead pens, large blueprints stained with coffee, and dust encrusted calculators. Even if they are operating digitally, it usually means … Continue Reading

Strategies to Improve Construction Productivity & Efficiency With Traqspera

For a construction company of any size, continuous improvement to both the processes and tools they use to run their business is key to increasing the efficiency and, as a result, the profit of their projects. At Traqspera, we are … Continue Reading

Lean Construction With Traqspera

While ‘Lean Construction’ is not a new concept, many construction professionals don’t know precisely what it is or how to apply it effectively. Even when we look at the oldest generation of the workforce, they agree that mobile technology is … Continue Reading

Traqspera: Built For Contractors, By Contractors

Traqspera works with businesses of all sizes, whether you have 10 employees, 50, 500, or even 1000+; Traqspera can be customized to fit your companies’ needs perfectly. With efficiency, simplicity, accuracy, and real-time data at the forefront of anything we … Continue Reading

They Saved $40,000 their first year using Traqspera

When it comes to employee timesheets and asset/resource tracking, Traqspera seamlessly integrates into any worksite. Traqspera offers a simple, user-friendly solution that allows companies to manage everything they need in one place. Gone are the days of running multiple complicated … Continue Reading

Traqspera: Integrated timesheet solution for Viewpoint® Spectrum®

Traqspera was built for construction companies directly with construction companies. Created by deskbound tech nerds, technology built for the worksite can be bloated with useless features and overly complicated. Traqspera was founded on the job site. As a team of … Continue Reading

The Best Spectrum® Timesheet Option | Viewpoint® Collaborate Conference

At Traqspera, we provide Viewpoint® Spectrum® users with the best Timesheet option available on the market with our error-proof, fully mobile, and field-ready software. Users of Traqspera timesheets with Spectrum® no longer need to fuss with importing and exporting data, … Continue Reading

Are you buried in spreadsheets and paperwork?

Do you constantly have piles of paper on your desk and in your truck? Are you spending half your day with your nose in spreadsheets and sorting through sheet after sheet of paper? Do you even have the latest copy … Continue Reading

Tired of Deciphering Messy Timecards?

Does this look like your employees time cards? It partially resembles chicken scratch, there’s missing fields, and we’re not even sure what half the numbers are. How long does it take you to collect and organize all your employees time … Continue Reading