The Features Of Traqspera

Get maximum visibility to make every project a success. Traqspera improves efficiency and increases visibility & accountability in your business. Leaving you to focus on the important things.

Here’s how Traqspera will help you grow your business

 Traqspera connects your field crews and office staff, all in one place so there’s no more guessing.

 With Traqspera there is one single source of truth. Everything is in one place so there’s no more searching.

 We provide you with an easy to use, easy to learn tool which helps everyone with their day to day operations by eliminating spreadsheets, paper, emails, and most importantly wasted time & headaches on tedious activities.

 Countless spreadsheets, paper copies, and emails are obsolete


 Real-time job cost, budgets, hours, progress – so you know exactly where your projects sit, every day, without waiting for payroll to run so you can update your reports and know where you were a week ago


  •  Make quicker, more accurate decisions to run your jobs proactively, rather than reactively.

  • Quick & Simple reporting means you get the numbers you need in 30 seconds or less.

  • No complex menus or reporting options. Reports your team can actually use (rather than those complex accounting ones)


 Your team can quickly & easily view reports at their fingertips:

  • Job Cost

  • Job Billout

  • Total Job Hours

  • Safety Hours

  • Employee Hours


Each job follows a custom defined workflow, so you can track and hold staff accountable, know exactly where all your jobs are at, and what you’re waiting for to move along or finish and get paid


Track the status, requirements, and completion of each job. Jobs can be assigned, as well as the stages and tasks within jobs can have assignees and projected due dates to give you the big picture of where it sits.


Upload attachments so that crews have all the information they need while in the field. They can even take pictures on their devices and attach them back in as well.


Collection directly from your field crews & their appGet it right the first time! Collect labor, equipment, progress, material/unit data right from the source to increase your accuracy and efficiency in payroll, and eliminate costly errors in invoicing

Does this sound familiar?




✘  Missing & late timesheets from Crew

✘  Stacks of paper & chicken scratch to translate

✘  Inboxes full of emails & spreadsheets to sort through

✘  Countless phone calls & texts to employees asking for clarifications




✘  Lineups of workers with incorrect underpaid paystubs (the “overpaid” are nowhere to be seen…)

✘  Hours and hours spent correcting mistakes that should have been found last week

✘  Invoices have gone out with mistakes &  incorrect hours. Good luck asking your clients for extra…

✘  Spending hours manually inputting hours into the payroll system

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Timesheets Were Just Easy?

Traqspera timesheets are collected digitally from site, flow through approval, and are exported into payroll in just three clicks.

Fully Mobile Timesheets that match your business, not the other way around…

Crew Timesheets

Your supervisor can enter all of his 10 staff on one sheet

Single Employee Timesheets

Each worker can enter their job, area, hours and comments

Clock in – Clock out

Each worker clicks one button at the start and end of the day. Time is then approved by their supervisor

Timesheets take each person less than a minute to enter


No more paper, spreadsheets, or faxes to get buried in



Time is instantly viewable in reports, job dashboards, and invoicing can be sent out faster, and much more accurately

Far fewer mistakes as all names, dates, jobs are pre-filled in dropdowns


Timesheets are exported into your accounting/payroll system in three easy clicks



No double entry means no wasted time, and no mistakes being introduced in the process

Not just Time. Collect everything that is important to your business.

Labour Hours

Your supervisor can enter all 10 of his staff on one sheet


Equipment/Vehicle Usage

Billable, or just for costing, collect hours, mileage, or standby time



Collect any material, expense, or production units related to the job

Asset & Equipment Management

Maintenance, Inspections, Certifications, Work Orders, Inventory, Tool Tracking& Barcoding – Eliminate loss, theft, carelessness, and always know where everything is, while ensuring it is in proper operating condition & certified.


  • Manage, track, and search vehicles, equipment, tools, and anything else valuable you can think of

  • Eliminate:

    • Abuse

    • Loss/Theft

    • Carelessness

    • Increase Accountability & Culture

  • Maintenance/Inspection – Ensure all equipment is maintained, certified, calibrated, and ready to go with automatically recurring work orders and complete asset maintenance functionality

  • Tool Checkout & Barcoding functionality allows you to barcode tools and assets so they can be quickly scanned and checked out to staff and job sites, trailer, tool cribs to reduce misplacement, theft, and carelessness

  • Manage Operations & Repair Costs- allows you to know the right time to get rid of it when it’s costing you too much


Always know who’s qualified, who’s expired, and pull up copies of credentials anywhere, anytime. Get email alerts to ensure you’re not caught by surprise with expired certificates


  • Manage Employees, their locations, statuses, important details, and documents

  • Searchable database for crewing and managing your staff as you scale up and down for projects


  • Have on-hand training certificates/competencies/licenses at the fingertips of all your staff, to ensure they aren’t expired.

  • Get proactive email notifications so you aren’t caught with underqualified, and liability issues.

  • Staff can bring these up for proof of qualification on site, from any device.


Track incidents, stats, trends, and have all documentation & paperwork available at all times


  • Automatically calculate all safety statistics & trends. TRIF, MIR, First Aid’s, Near Misses, etc.

Store Documents

Store Documents for quick retrieval or reference for all (or only select) employees such as:

  • Safety Paperwork

  • Safety Manuals

  • Safe Work Practices/Procedures

  • Incident Occurrence Procedures & Investigations

works with:

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