Collect data from your crew in the field directly from their mobile devices. Track labor, equipment, progress, and material/unit data right from the source to increase payroll efficiency and eliminate costly invoicing errors.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice if Timesheets Were Just Easy?

Traqspera timesheets are collected digitally from the worksite, flow through manager approval, and are then exported into payroll with just three easy clicks.

Real-Time Time Entries From the Field

Fully Mobile Timesheets That Match Your Business, Not the Other Way Around…

Collect Time Directly From Your Team 4 Easy Foolproof Ways


Crew Timesheets

Managers and supervisors can enter the time entries for up to 10 workers.


From Any Device

Individual Timesheets

Have each worker enter their job or task, area, hours, and comments for approval.

Kiosk Time clock

Central Sign-In

Run Traqspera as a kiosk and have everyone sign-in at one space using individual pin numbers.

Two Click

Clock In – Clock Out

One button to sign-in and out on each individuals device with hours submitted for approval.

New Feature

GPS Time Tracking

Read more about it on our blog.

New Feature

Kiosk Sign-In & Sign-Out

Read more about it on our blog.

Fully Integrated Timesheet Support

Traqspera works alongside Spectrum® and Vista®, connecting your teams with the critical information, reports, and tools you need to run your projects at the highest efficiency — from anywhere, and on any device. Stop wasting time and money on spreadsheets, paper, and emails that leave your company one step behind. Employees record their hours, equipment, and expenses through a phone, laptop, or tablet. The entries then get approved and exported into Spectrum® with just a few clicks, eliminating the tedious double-entry and countless headaches of paper and spreadsheets. Timesheets are customizable to include all field capture requirements while remaining simple and easy to use, whether your 21 or 61. 


Seamless Integration

Viewpoint® Spectrum®

Connect Field Crews & Office Staff Within One Easy-To-Use System. Automatically Sync Timesheets, Jobs, & Equipment Between Systems


Seamless Integration

Viewpoint® Vista®

Connect Your Teams With The Critical Information, Reports, & Tools You Need To Run Your Projects From Anywhere, On Any Device

Also Works With


Avoid the Payday Panic

Input hours worked for individuals or crews directly from their devices, apply cost codes, and allocate Regular, Double Time, and Overtime. Collect equipment, project progress, and material data straight from the source to increase your accuracy and efficiency in payroll and eliminate costly invoicing errors. Make it easier for the office to track and predict your labor costs as your projects happen in real-time.


“Since implementing Traqspera, we now have instant access to all employee information in real-time, ensuring we have the right team at each work site. It enables our site supervisors to easily record the timesheets of every employee on his team, daily, which gives us a real time view of our projects progress. This ensures that we meet project deadlines and budgets, bill our clients accurately, and pay our crew correctly: which increases our revenue and improves employee morale.”

Rob Couturier - Owner

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