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An employee is a member of your company who will have a timesheet in Traqspera (usually field staff, but occasionally hourly office staff as well). A user is someone who has a login for Traqspera. We price based on "total timesheet employee count", rather than "per user" like some software. A company of 100 employees may have 20 users log in, or all 100. We wouldn't want to charge 5x more for this so we price per employee. You can have as many users in your company log into Traqspera as you'd like, since it is valuable for an employee to double-check the time entered for them by their supervisor, or pull up their safety certificates on the fly from their phone.

Traqspera works on any smart mobile device, tablet, or desktop, running any operating system, on any network. From iPhones, Androids, and Window Phones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy, and Lenovo devices, to Asus, MacBook, and HP devices. And so much more. If your device can access Facebook, it will be able to run Traqspera.

Run as many projects, teams, and job sites in parallel to each other as you need. With no caps on data, attachments, and entries, Traqspera lets you run your business how you want.

With any Traqspera account you will receive unlimited data storage.

Typically, it takes 1-2 weeks from the point you commit until you can log into your new branded Traqspera system. From there, we will do 1-on-1 training with your staff so you can hit the ground running.

Whether you're 21 or 61, using Traqspera is as simple as sending a text message from your phone. Field staff choose the job they are in and clock in or enter their hours in as little as 1 minute at the end of their day.

Training typically takes up to 1 hour for field users and a couple of hours per office/management user. We have videos, quick start guides, and 1-on-1 sessions with our implementation team.

Yes, we can link Traqspera to on-premise systems for seamless synchronization of data and payroll exports.

Traqspera syncs with Spectrum and Vista once per hour, although you can always click a button to pull in any new data on-demand, at any time.

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