Wouldn't It Be Nice If Timesheets Were Just Easy?

They are now. 

Traqspera timesheets are collected in the field quickly and accurately, then exported into Viewpoint® Spectrum® in just three clicks without skipping a beat.

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Staff Hours Saved

Simple & Easy to Use 3 clicks and 30 seconds is all it takes to connect Traqspera timesheets with Spectrum to start enjoying your optimized integtated timesheet paradise  

Your Spectrum Data Spectrum jobs, phase codes, employees and equipment all seamlessly integrate with Traqspera, with all of your data organized as you need it without any worry of double entry... just pure bliss

Mobile & Field Ready With the ease of a mobile app, tracking time and submitting timesheets out in the field is a breeze allowing contractors to focus on the job without you having to track down timesheets.  

Seamless Integration Traqspera timesheets automatically sync with Spectrum through a seamless, absolutely error free API integration. No exports, no imports, just bliss.

Fully Mobile Timesheets that match YOUR business, not the other way around…

Crew Timesheets

Supervisors enter all staff & equipment on one page

Individual Employee Timesheets

Remote workers can enter their job, area, hours and comments.

Clock In, Clock Out

Employees tap one button to clock in and out.

But don't just take our word for it...

"We use Traqspera and have found the system to be a major time saver. Our previous processes spreadsheets and calculations has all been brought within the system, in an intuitive, user friendly way. It acts as a single portal, tracking core information that is always available in the office or mobile on job sites. Initial uploading of data was painless! Excellent initial and ongoing support - couldn’t ask for more."


Commercial Manager, Valley Power Line Contracting

Take full advantage of Viewpoint® Spectrum® with Traqspera 

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